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Full text of booklet,
"How To Clear Land"

Once I started knocking things down, I learned fast how quickly debris gets in the way of progress. Organization of debris is almost immediately a concern. Before long, it became apparent that I needed to remove the debris to a cleared or open area. The solution: A pair of extra long forks clamped to the cutting blade of the front-end loader.  I chose to have a pair of attachable forks fabricated for my application.  As I said, they needed to be quite long in order to slide far enough under, or through, debris piles so that when I tipped and lifted the loader bucket the piles would ease up and settle back against the loader bucket.

If they are not long enough, the debris pulls itself back out as you lift or you get much less of a load than the machine can easily carry. When you're carrying debris a long way, you want to take as much as possible each trip.  Each tine of the pair I had built is 54" long, out in front of the loader.  They are pinched to the loader bottom by a large bolt.  In addition to their length, they have two features that make them special:

  • Two large washers were welded into the base of the loader, positioned so that they would receive the tightening bolt.  Each washer forms a sort of crater  for the tightening bolt on each fork to sink into.

  • The welder also added a bar across the inside of the mounting pocket.  It added about 8" of additional length to each side of the fork where it meets the loader's leading edge. The anchoring effect of the washers and the lateral stabilizing effect of the bar make these forks especially well suited for the kind of work they need to do.  I haven't had to get out of the machine to retrieve or adjust a fork since.

Want to clear land?
Think about forks.