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Full text of booklet,
"How To Clear Land"

I've looked at a number of rakes. None of them fit on a backhoe. I wanted a rake that I could attach to mine. The job I needed to take care of was to rake up all kinds of smaller brush, branches, roots, and rocks. I also wanted to be able to fill holes left by removing stumps and boulders. I also wanted to level the ruts left by the machine, rip out really small stuff, and smooth out the terrain well enough to be able to mow it later with a brush hog.

I hadn't seen anything that might do all that, so I designed something myself and had it fabricated by a talented welder in town. The design was not like anything I've seen. It has no moving parts and is attached to the leading edge of the loader by a ratcheting hold down on each end.  Through successive beatings, it stays in place, doesn't clog, and functions going forward or reverse. Because it's front mounted, you face forward while operating it. It also can be worked in very close to obstacles.

The two photos below show a recently cleared area before and after raking.

Above: This is the newly cleared front lawn, taken from the upstairs of a seasonal residence on my land. Piles, ruts, and small debris waiting to be taken away. Compare it with the photo below.

Above: This photo shows the same area, from ground level, after raking. The large piles have been taken away by using the long forks. Then the area was raked with the Loader Rake.

The use of the rake is pretty simple. Debris gets raked into manageable piles. Then the rake is removed and the piles are picked up with the loader. Once again, this rake is used after the land has been cleared of major vegetation, but is still potholed, uneven, and strewn with small debris and rocks. It may be simple, but when it's done, the land is smooth. You gotta have one.