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Full text of booklet,
"How To Clear Land"

Over time,
I developed some techniques, gained practical experience, modified a few things, and then got results. It wasn't too long before I realized I was onto something that worked really well. I was actually getting a huge job done that my friends thought I was nuts to attempt on my own.

Of all the miscellaneous tools and equipment I had gathered and was using, there were three absolutely indispensable tools I needed to pull off a big land clearing project. They are a backhoe and two attachments: a pair of long forks, and a loader rake, both of which I had fabricated.

Why did I have them made?  Because I couldn't find any other manufactured attachments that did the same job and did it as well.  Got land that needs clearing?  You can do it.

To see video clips of these tools in action, click here.