Equipment, Techniques, & Resources to clear land of brush and overgrowth.
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Welcome to How To Clear Land

Full text of booklet,
"How To Clear Land"

This website, and the attached booklet called, "How To Clear Land" is about how I cleared a large parcel of land that had become choked over many years with brush, weeds, vines, invasive plants, and nuisance trees. All this undergrowth and overgrowth was toppled, plucked, piled, lifted and moved, on my own, during long weekends over the summer.

It occurred to me how valuable it would've been if I'd known in the beginning, what I know now, about clearing land.  But despite all my research into various equipment and the features of each, I found very little information about how to go about it.

Although, I found lots of information about a variety of hand tools, motorized machines, and heavy equipment designed to dig, scrape, doze, lift, and move, I found virtually no information about specific methods and hints to follow to get the work done. So, I decided to write down my experiences.

Keep in mind, though, I'm not a professional, nor am I suggesting that the methods I've used as a private landowner on my property will work the same on yours. Nothing in this book is intended to be anything but a recollection of my experiences and accomplishments on my own land. That is in fact, one of the major points of this story. I was just a private landowner who wanted to see what could be done on my own.

How To Clear Land
James Starbuck, copyright 2012